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To be a manager during a time of illness

Good communication

Being a manager under these conditions means a greater responsibility for you in your role. It is very important that you maintain good communication, and is available for questions from your employees. You need to show that you understand that different people react differently to events in the outside world and to changes in the work situation.
You also have a special responsibility to share information from the university, faculty and your department/unit, and communicate what is relevant to your staff and explain how it affects them.

Employees working from home

The Faculty of Medicine encourages all employees, which are able to do so, to work from home, after consultation with their manager.

  • Identify which employees that CAN work from home and which employees that HAVE to work on the faculty premises.
  • Go through the conditions and working environment with each employee who will be working from home.
  • Gthrough how you will stay in contact within the group when one or more are working from home.
  • Plan how the work can be carried out if many of the employees in the group become ill.

Read more about working environment work in teleworking, on the HR web.
LU has also published a list of questions and answers for managers about Lund University’s management of the coronavirus outbreak. These questions and answers are continuously updated.

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