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Online teaching

Teachers should primarily follow the instructions and recommendations they receive from their program management.

Resources and Tips for Teaching Online:

  • Support for teaching staff for online work
    Website att LUs Staffpages
  • Every morning between 8:00 and 8:45, MedCUL offers online workshops where you can share tips and ideas, and get support on how you can improve student learning using various digital tools. As a teacher within a course or program, you can also get direct support from MedCUL.
    MedCULs website
  • For tips on how to use QPS in teaching and digital examination, see the QPS blog which is updated regularly.
    The QPS blog
  • The faculty's BIKT unit has published information about support for online education.
    Support for online education
  • E-books and tools for learning and teaching. ClinicalKey Student is an e-book collection from Elsevier that includes 242 e-books in medicine, anatomy and biomedicine. The resource is an interactive educational platform, and includes medical images and tools for learning and teaching.
    You find infomration about ClinicalKey Student at teh Student Web
  • Henry Stewart Talks: Online seminars. HSTalks is a collection of 2 600 online seminars by leading world experts within e.g. microbiology, biochemistry, cancer research and clinical medicine.
    The seminars can easily be linked from Moodle and other LMS.
    Explore here (via LUBsearch):
  • Osmosis is a digital learning resource covering preclinical and clinical topics. Videos, flashcards and questions are included.
    To use the interactive functions, create an individual account in Osmosis.
    Link to Osmosis (via LUBsearch):
    Osmosis has material about the coronavirus, free resources about distance learning, and about students’ mental health.
  • There is support in Canvas on how to switch from campus-based teaching to online teaching.
    Support in Canvas
  • The Division for Higher Education Development LU offers some support on Teach-online.
    Support on Teach-online
  • Many publishers now offer open access to resources to meet the difficulties that arise during the spread of Covid-19. The University Library has gathered open resources in a LibGuide.
    The LibGuide on open access to resources
  • Do you need support? Email

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