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The Faculty of Medicine’s nominating committee

Term of office 2020-05-15 – 2023-05-14

Within each faculty at Lund University, a nominating committee is elected to prepare proposals for candidates for the positions of dean and pro dean, as well as for representatives of teaching staff with research expertise, external members and representatives of other staff to the faculty board.

Pursuant to a decision by the faculty board, the nominating committee is to consist of nine members, of whom six representatives of teaching staff with research expertise, and three representatives of other staff. In addition, the students appoint two student representatives to the nominating committee.

Teaching staff with research expertise

  • Professor Olga Göransson, Department of Experimental Medical Science
    (Chairman of the Committee)
  • Senior lecturer Anna Kristensson Ekwall, Department of Health Sciences
  • Professor David Erlinge, Department of Clinical Sciences, Lund
  • Senior lecturer Göran Karlsson, Department of Laboratory Medicine
  • Professor Magnus Karlsson, Department of Clinical Sciences, Malmö
  • Professor Sophia Zackrisson,Department of Translational Medicine

Other staff

  • Researcher Yvonne Ceder, Department of Laboratory Medicine
  • Financial officer Johan Lind, Department of Clinical Sciences, Malmö
  • Head of maintenance Carola Tilgmann,Library and ICT-services

Union representatives

  • Jaro Ankerst. Saco-S
  • Lena Thiman, ORF

Student representatives

  • Vibha Kumra Ahnlide, Doctoral Student Union
  • Ebba Wallström, Medicinska föreningen

Future Faculty representative

  • Helena Persson, associate senior lecturer

Administrativ support

  • Birgitta Larsson, policy officer, Faculty Office



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