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Elections to the nominating committee 2018-2021 - the Department of Translational Medicine

The election of the new ITM election committee has now been completed. Based on the voting results, the nomination committee's proposal has been approved and the Department of Translational Medicine has chosen the following persons to be members of the Nomination Committee for the period 2018-07-01 - 2021-06-30.
Ordinary members for the category of academic staff:
Karin Leandersson
Martin Johansson
Lars-E Olsson
Ordinary members for the technical/administrative staff:
Anki Mossberg
Elin Gudmundson



20 April: The present nominating committee was notified and could then start considering potential candidates.

21 April: Information about the election was forwarded to all who are eligible to vote at the Department. The information included a call for nominations.

6 May: Last day for those who are eligible to vote to nominate candidates.

8 May: Last day for the nominating committee to compile a proposal with candidates to the new nominating committee.

22 May: Electronic notice of the election will be sent to all eligible to vote.

14-21 June: The election is open for votes.

Autumn 2018: The new nominating committee will enter its first task – the preparation of the elections  to the new board at the Department of Translational Medicine.

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