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Boards and committees

Some of the faculty’s tasks are dealt with by boards and committees, to which the tasks have been delegated by the Faculty Board.

Readership Appointments Committee

The Readership Appointments Committee prepares matters concerning appointment of readers at the faculty and appoints experts to assess the applicants’ research expertise. Decisions on appointment of readers are taken by the Dean following proposals from the Readership Appointments Committee.


Professor Karin Jirström, Vice-Dean

Secretary Anette Saltin, Research Administrator

Board for Research and Infrastructure

The board’s task is to ensure that financial and infrastructural resources for research are utilised effectively.


Professor Martin L. Olsson, Vice-Dean

Kajsa M. Paulsson

Life Science Innovation Board

An innovation council for Life Science with representatives from the research community, public healthcare, industry, finance and innovation. The aim is to pick up and develop research findings with the potential to meet needs in public healthcare and to facilitate their implementation.


Professor  Heiko Herwlad, Vice-Dean

Research Studies Board

The Research Studies Board is responsible for third-cycle (PhD) education at the faculty.


Professor Karin Jirström, Vice-Dean

Secretary Anette Saltin, Research Administrator

Staff Support Group

From time to time, employees at the Faculty of Medicine experience difficulties and feel isolated. This could be as a result of offensive or unfair treatment in conjunction with conflicts or as a result of suspicions of research misconduct. It could also be in connection with negative publicity in the media. These matters are processed in accordance with established procedures within the faculty management, in the area of work environment management or according to guidelines for the investigation of suspected research misconduct.

In order to create a body within the faculty to care for employees, the faculty has established a staff support group. The dean can refer matters to the group. The group provides support and active assistance with a positive approach. In practice, this can cover anything from psychological support to practical help.


Convenor: Professor emeritus Bengt Sivberg

Faculty of Medicine Academic Appointments Board

The Faculty of Medicine Academic Appointments Board is responsible for submitting recommendations for appointments of professors and senior lecturers (including adjuncts and promotions), and visiting professors and researchers employed by research councils.


Chair Professor Måns Magnusson

Administrator Kajsa Johnsson, Head of Recruitment

Undergraduate Education Board

The faculty’s undergraduate education board has a financial and strategic responsibility for the faculty’s undergraduate programmes.


Professor Maria Björkqvist, Vice-Dean

The Medical Degree Programme Board


Chair Professor Christer Larsson

The Nursing, Radiography, and Reproductive, Perinatal and Sexual Health Programmes Board


Chair Irén Tiberg

The Rehabilitation Programmes Board


Chair Ketty Andersson, Senior Lecturer

The Master’s Programmes Board


Chair Thomas Hellmark, Senior Lecturer

Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities Committee

The Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities Committee at the Faculty of Medicine is responsible for ensuring Lund University’s policy on gender equality, equal opportunities and diversity is respected. Furthermore, the Board is responsible for the implementation of the measures specified in the Faculty's action plan for equal opportunities, equal treatment and diversity issues.


Chair Professor Lena Eliasson, Vice-Dean

Teaching Academy

The aim of the Faculty of Medicine Teaching Academy is to promote educational development in support of student learning, recognise outstanding achievements of teaching staff in undergraduate, Master’s and research education, and create a network of teaching staff with an interest in educational development.


Teresa Svarvell


The Lokalsamordningsnämnd will prepare the strategic and tactical questions regarding the Faculty’s facilities. MFS and the Facility Management Board will provide the Lokalsamordningsnämnd with issues to investigate and provide proposals for managing the Faculty’s facilities.

Chair Cecilia Lundberg

Coordinator Tobias Elbing

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