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Vacancy announcement for doctoral studentship within the Lund University Agenda 2030 Graduate School


The 2030 Agenda is the framework for sustainable development that the world’s nations have signed to end extreme poverty, reduce inequalities, solve the climate crisis, promote peace and equity and much more. In order to achieve the 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals, research has several important roles: to identify challenges and conflicting objectives, contribute new solutions, generate dialogue and learning between different societal stakeholders and critically analyse the goals. Lund University aspires to be a part of the solution and has therefore started a graduate school focusing on societal challenges, sustainability issues and the 2030 Agenda.

We now welcome applicants from various disciplinary backgrounds who want to take an active role in 2030 Agenda research to apply for the new PhD student positions. The graduate school offers a unique opportunity to gain interdisciplinary perspectives on global challenges and contribute to current research while deepening your subject knowledge.

The graduate school has PhD students enrolled with all faculties of the university. You will be associated with a specific research studies programme, and simultaneously take part in two of the university-wide interdisciplinary research studies courses, developed on the basis of the issues defined by the Sustainable Development Goals. The courses provide great potential to develop new forms of collaboration and work for change across disciplinary boundaries. Besides the research courses, you will participate in several activities linked to the graduate school in order to take an active part in the global sustainability agenda and to advance the research front on issues concerning the 2030 Agenda, for example through seminars, conferences, study trips and collaborations with various societal stakeholders.

The application processes and general qualification requirements for the relevant doctoral studentship can differ depending on the faculty and department responsible for the position. A common requirement for all applicants is to present a research project with a clear connection to the 2030 Agenda. All project ideas are welcome, but applicants should take 2030 Agenda’s holistic approach as a starting point rather than focusing on individual Sustainable Development Goals.

More information on the Agenda 2030 Graduate School is available here:

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