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OSA survey


During March, the Faculty of Medicine conducted a survey focusing on the organisational and social work environment. The questionnaire was sent out to all faculty employees. The average response rate for the entire faculty was 70 percent, and gave both departmental and faculty management a good overview of different risk areas in need of prioritisation and action.

The following risks and actions have been identified across the faculty departments, and as an employer our prevention work will focus on these issues in particular:

  • Risk that employees feel that during the last twelve months they have been subjected to victimisation/harassment/sexual harassment in the workplace and that they do not have sufficient knowledge of how it is handled at Lund University. We take this risk seriously, as there is zero tolerance when it comes to victimisation, harassment and sexual harassment at Lund University. As an employer, we will work with actions in this area at several levels within the organisation. The Gender Equality Board will be given a special mandate to produce clear information about the ongoing work, as well as new ideas and initiatives relating to prevention.
  • Risk that the employer does not work to prevent threats and violence. In order to prevent this risk, as an employer we will offer training materials about threats and violence where working groups can discuss and work preventively. More information about this can be found here.

Our ambition is that these measures will improve the work environment for all of us who work at the faculty. We would also like to thank you all very much for responding to the survey and working to improve our common work environment.

Lena Eliasson, Vice Dean responsible for employeeship, work environment and infrastructure

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