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Leadership programme with the goal of increasing the number of female professors


The leadership programme PREP (Peer support and career development towards professorship) was implemented at our faculty in 2019-2020. The aim, in the long term, is to increase the proportion of female professors at the faculty, which is currently 24%. The target group is docents at the faculty, and the programme is part of the faculty's gender equality initiative. In March 2021, a new round will start.

Jimmie Kristensson Foto: Kenneth Ruona

Hello there... Jimmie Kristensson, Vice Dean responsible for employeeship and ethics.

Why a leadership programme?

The Faculty of Medicine's work environment, gender equality and equal treatment action plan for the years 2020-2022 states that we will develop and complete management training and develop a leadership program for senior researchers with the goal of eventually stimulating a more even gender balance among professors. That's why PREP was created – the Faculty of Medicine's leadership programme for senior researchers heading towards a professorship. This is a new program initiated by the Board for Gender Equality and Equal Treatment issues and developed in collaboration with Anna Ekwall, docent at the Department of Health Sciences and Susanne Sundell, coordinator at the faculty's department for research and management support.

What is the purpose?

The purpose is to strengthen the leaders of the future, but also to increase the proportion of female professors in the faculty in the long term. At present, the proportion is 24%. The fact that the Faculty of Medicine is gender equal with equal opportunities for all is crucial to our success but also for how we feel at work. 

The programme's structure?

The programme consisted of seven meetings with different themes and ended with a project. Each meeting had a theme that reflected important aspects of performance. Knowledge of career paths, assessment of qualifications in different fields and faculty organisation are important aspects for enabling academic careers. Resource people were invited on each occasion. It was an important element of the approach that the participants would meet people they could identify with or be inspired by. The structure followed the areas required by an application for a senior lectureship or professorship.

Each meeting had a theme:

  • A good professor
  • A good university
  • A good leader
  • A good collaboration
  • A good teacher
  • A good faculty (the participants completed project work within the theme)

Do you want to thank someone?

I would like to extend a warm and sincere thank you to Anna Ekwall and Susanne Sundell for planning, implementing and evaluating the programme. I would also particularly like to thank the participants in the programme for your time and for your great commitment!

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Text: Sofia B Liljedahl 

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