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Information from the Faculty Management - week 23


Information from the Faculty Management included in the Newsletter, June 9 week 23.

David Gisselsson-Nord

Work in the area of internationalisation is proceeding apace on agreements with new joint PhD partners, not least the work with McMaster University. The International Office has also been working hard to issue recommendations for this autumn’s student exchanges.

In the area of recruitment, work to gain acceptance of the framework for a coherent service strategy, which was developed during the spring, is ongoing. We have also started the review of promotion criteria. 


Karin Jirström

Spring semester 2021 is now coming to an end, and hopefully we will soon be able to say the same about the pandemic. Many thanks to all doctoral students, supervisors, course leaders and administrative staff who, during another trying spring, have held the banner of doctoral education high! I would also like to extend special thanks to Medical Doctoral Student Council (MDR) in particular for your tireless work in supporting and encouraging our doctoral students, not least the international ones, during this challenging time. In this context, I would also like to take this opportunity to flag up the follow-up doctoral student questionnaire regarding Covid-19. Click your way to the survey, no later than 19 July. Last year, 200 doctoral students responded to the survey, and it has provided a valuable basis for further discussions and suggested measures from the Research Studies Board.

I wish you all a really nice, relaxing summer!

Lena Eliasson

Just like the seasons, the Faculty’s systematic work environment management (SAM) follows an annual cycle.  Follow-up on SAM is an important part of this, in which measures are developed to address the risks that have been identified. This year, for the first time, we also conducted a survey to follow up on the organisational and social work environment (OSA).  This, and the goals we have set for work environment management, are described in our action plan “A Sustainable Work Environment”.

Summer is here, and I look back on an exciting and enjoyable first six months as Vice Dean.  From the survey on the organisational and social work environment that was conducted during the spring, we can see that most of us are happy at the workplace and that we enjoy what we do. This pleases me, because good research results and a good teaching environment are linked to the well-being of all employees.  In some areas, however, there is more to be done, and during the year we at the Faculty will continue our work on how best to prevent victimisation and harassment. Our goal is also to develop clear action plans describing what we must do when this happens.  In this context, the managerial training programme DUCO is also helping to increase understanding among group leaders at different levels. I am proud to have been involved in digitally presenting diplomas to the first group leaders who have completed their managerial training. WELL DONE! 

If research and education are to work optimally, good infrastructures are also required, and in this area we can confirm with pride that a lot is happening, not least associated with the construction work taking place at Brunnshög and on Sölvegatan.  I have an optimistic view of the future, and during the autumn the focus of my work within the Faculty will be on work with our infrastructures, follow-up on the OSA survey and SAM, as well as work to improve the Faculty’s health and safety website.  It is also pleasing to be involved in work to develop a new strategy for gender equality and equal opportunities at university level. This is very important work for our Faculty as well.

 I would now like to wish everyone a wonderful summer and a nice rest in your hammock, before returning in the autumn with renewed energy and a host of hypotheses to investigate!

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