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Hello there, our new Head of Communications!


Meet Johanna Erlandson, our new Head of Communications at the Faculty of Medicine. 

Where are you coming here from?

 Most recently, I worked as Head of Communications at Tetra Pak here in Lund. There I have worked a lot with research and development communication and also with internal communications. Otherwise, I have a diverse background where I worked for many years in the cultural sector, with marketing and communication in theatre, film and museums. I’ve also worked with communication in the pharmaceutical industry and with mobile telephony.

Johanna Erlandson. Photo: Åsa Hansdotter
Photo: Åsa Hansdotter

How does it feel to start working at Lund University?

 It feels really great. I’ve already met so many nice, interesting and helpful people, so settling in here feels really easy. I also realise that I’ve got a lot to learn, because this is my first job at a university. But that also makes it fun and challenging.

What do you think is most important aspect of communication? What characterises really good communication?

 For me, the most important thing about communication is that it fulfils its function and reaches the target groups for which it is intended. Communication for its own sake or merely as a way for the transmitter to be heard isn’t usually meaningful, because it doesn’t reach its audience. I also think you have to bear in mind that communication requires two parties, so it’s also important to do more than just convey your messages; it’s just as important to listen. That also allows you to find better ways to reach your target groups.

What do you see as your biggest challenges?

 Right now, I’ve got enough on my hands just learning how to navigate the university world and understanding how everything is connected, who does what and what’s important in this business. I’d also like to get to know as many people as possible, so that I can constantly build on my knowledge and understanding of what matters to all the people in the organisation.

What do you hope to accomplish here?

 My dream, of course, is for us to be the world’s best communications section, and for others see us as role models. Another goal is to ensure that all communication by the entire faculty has a clear purpose and is effective and clear, supports our strategic goal, and reaches its intended audience. It would also be fun if we could use all the amazing knowledge that exists here and take advantage of all the opportunities of the new media landscape to step up even more and share how we’re helping to solve major societal challenges, ‘for people's lives and health’.

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