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Facility Management organisation in place!


The journey of transformation from the previous organisations into something new, modern and up-to-date based on their strengths while removing weaknesses & vulnerability, reflecting the needs of its users and providing adaptability, has begun.

Hugh Connor. Foto
Hugh Connor


Hello there Hugh Connell, acting Director of the Facility Management organisation!

What is the Facility Management organisation?

The Facility management organisation encompasses the responsibility and management of the 100 000 sq metres of research and teaching facilities (BMC, CRC, HSC & MV) housing the Faculty's 2000 staff and 2800 students. It will deliver administration, service and technical support to all of these facilities and the new facilities that are in the pipeline (CMU and Forum Medicum). 

It consists of 3 departments:

  • Business Support: responsible for the administration, planning and maintaining these sites, also maintaining the work environment, health & safety, and security.
  • Technique & Service: this is the department which provides the maintenance and technical services within the buildings.
  • Office Support: which provides the internal administration and support to the FaMa organisation. This department also includes reception and conference services. 

All in all, the organisation is staffed by 40 individuals who for the most part comes from the earlier service organisations within BMC, CRC, HSC & MV.

Why the reorganisation?

The driving force behind the reorganisation is to provide a more effective administration and service provision for the faculty’s buildings and their tenants. There has been a lack of harmonisation and planned development of service provision within the faculty, with solutions growing organically rather than planned, which has led to extensive variations between sites and facilities. This in turn has led to an ineffective use of the limited resources that the tenants and the faculty have at their disposal.  It has also meant the users have found they get varying services to varying costs and varying quality depending on what building they occupy.  

The goal is to eliminate these variations and to provide similar services to a similar price independent of the site or the building they occupy. By combining the previous service organisations in to one we combine our volume of consumption meaning we have a better control over costs and our buying power. This hopefully leads to savings which can be passed on to the end user in the form of more for the same price.  Another advantage to the amalgamation of the previous organisations means we can eliminate the vulnerability which previously existed in the organisations. By gathering as one we also assemble the collective knowledge which existed in the 3 separate organisations where it can be used to the advantage of all.  As the organisation begins its journey over the next 24 months to move from 3 in to one, we will be working closely with the users to develop a new service catalogue which reflects their needs.

As a user - what will change during spring 2021?
The users will see little change in services provided initially. Things will still be done the way they have always been until we say otherwise, so users do not need to worry that there will be mass disruption. 

A few notable changes:

  • Some contact points and processes will begin to change regarding information flow, the decision-making processes and the individuals making them.
  • Discussions are currently under way with the Heads of the various Departments to define how the Facility Management organisation can support the departments in the work of work environment and health & safety.

 Opportunities to contribute as a user:

  • Give input on new service catalogue which reflects the user’s needs. This work will start during spring.
  • Input on services and processes not currently provided by the Facility Management organisation today.

What’s your role?

Currently, I have two rolls within the new organisation. The first as the permanent manager of the Business Support Department and secondly, as the acting Director of the organisation with overall responsibility for all 3 departments and answering to the Facility Management board. For the past 7 months I have been working closely with the faculty’s project group under the leadership of the Dean, Erik Renström and Faculty Manager, Mattias Brattström to launch the new organisation. To put the structure in place that would allow us to start on the 1st January 2021. My roll is now to maintain the structure until the permanent Director is appointed, hopefully during the first part of 2021. 


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