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Clinical Health Promotion – Research and Best Practice for Patients, Staff and Community is a journal published by Lund University’s Department of Health Sciences. The journal is now celebrating its tenth anniversary. All articles within the field of clinical health promotion are welcome, and those interested in submitting their work are encouraged to contact the editorial team if they have any questions, as this will help with the editorial process


 “There was a need for a journal about clinical health promotion with a focus on research and best practice. The journal was established in 2011 with the aim of bridging clinical sciences, health sciences and public health sciences. Clinical health promotion isn’t integrated as a natural part of other journals,” says Hanne Tønnesen, Research Group Manager at the Clinical Health Promotion Centre.

The journal has a large readership and the target group is staff and managers, researchers, decisionmakers, patient organisations and others with an interest in clinical health promotion.

The journal has free publication, and the editorial team will be happy to help new researchers with the editorial process if necessary. All articles are peer-reviewed and all publications are publicly accessible on the web. They are indexed with DOI numbers as well as via Google Scholar.

The editorial office is located at Lund University and Professor Hanne Tønnesen is Editor-in-Chief. The journal’s Editorial Board consists of reputable international researchers.

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