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Lund Students' Pedagogical Prize 2023 to Lena M Jönsson


Lena M Jönsson at the Department of Clinical Sciences in Lund, who teaches at the radiology nursing program and at the medical physicist program, is awarded the Lund Students' Pedagogical Prize 2023.

Congratulations, how does it feel?

"I am very happy and proud that the students appreciate my teaching and have wanted to give me a pedagogical award! It inspires me to further develop my pedagogy.

Lena M Jönsson
Lena M Jönsson

Why do you think you've received this award?

"I think it's because I'm trying to find the students' level of knowledge and meet them there. Since I teach radiation physics and X-ray technology in the radiology nursing program, I know that some of these students are worried about physics. By linking theory to their practical work, I believe that many overcome the fear of the subject and, in addition, see that they need the knowledge for their future work. I try to be responsive and open to any questions they have and try to see each student where they are.

Is it fun to teach?

–Yes! What is rewarding for me is the meeting with the students, with each individual, and to follow them during their education and development and to see them grow in knowledge and competence.

Do you have any teacher role models of your own within the academics (or from earlier in life?)

"Quite a few years ago, when I started working as a medical physicist in clinical physiology here in Lund, I had the privilege of meeting and being inspired by two of the doctors on the ward. Chief medical officer Thomas White was an amazing educator who always took the time to explain and provide answers to both stated and unspoken questions. Håkan Westling - the university's vice-chancellor for a number of years, also became a great role model. He met all people in the workplace with the same respect and was also a great word artist. Two amazing personalities that I am so happy that I have been able to meet and learn from.

What courses/programs do you teach?

"I teach at the radiology nursing programme and at the medical physics programme. In addition, for many years I have had a great deal of internal and further education for various staff categories in the hospital and in other hospitals, especially biomedical analysts, radiology nurses and doctors in nuclear medicine.

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