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As of January 1, Kristina Åkesson is the new Dean and Martin L. Olsson the new Pro-Dean at the Faculty of Medicine. The entire group of deans and their areas of responsibility are presented here, including two new deans.

Following a faculty election in October 2020, Kristina Åkesson was appointed new Dean and Martin L. Olsson new Pro-Dean for the Faculty of Medicine. The new group of deans is now presented, which, in addition to Kristina and Martin, consists of three old and two new Vice-Deans.
Erik Renström and Jimmie Kristensson, who were previously Dean and Vice-Dean at the Faculty, are now Vice-Chancellor and Pro Vice-Chancellor at Lund University.
In the beginning of this year, the Faculty Management will invite all employees to an open digital meeting where they present themselves and their visions and strategies. Information about this meeting will be published in the near future.

Kristina Åkesson

Martin L. Olsson
Pro- Dean, responsible for research infrastructure and strategy

Maria Björkqvist
Vice-Dean, responsible for first- and second-cycle education

Karin Jirström
Vice-Dean, responsible for third-cycle education and ALF

Heiko Herwald
Vice-Dean, responsible for sustainability, collaboration and ethic

Lena Eliasson (NEW)
Vice-Dean, responsible for employeeship, working environment and infrastructure

David Gisselsson Nord (NEW)
Vice-Dean, responsible for internationalisation and recruitment

Here is a short presentation of the two new Vice-Deans:

3 short questions to Lena Eliasson

lena eliasson

Who are you?

– I am a professor in experimental diabetes research at Lund University Diabetes Centre (LUDC), placed at CRC in Malmö. Research is my focus, but I also care about issues concerning the university and the faculty. It is important to me to be a part of a large university. My identity as a researcher is in line with the work we have done at LUDC, to build a collaborative structure where we together solve major questions, and where we provide opportunities for everyone to explore their ideas through access to common infrastructure. As a person, I try to look at life positively and at the same time attack various assignments with seriousness and humility.

What will you be responsible for in the Faculty Management?

– I will be responsible for employeeship, work environment and infrastructure. The combination may feel odd at first, but I think it can be an advantage to combine these three. We are now at a stage when it is important to have central platforms for infrastructure to enable world-leading research. How these environments are organised, for a good working environment for all employees, is an important future issue. I will continue as Vice Chairman of the Board for Research and Infrastructure and act partner to the Pro-Dean who has a larger responsibility for the infrastructure.
– I will also be Chairman of the Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities Committee and the Local safety committee. In the area of employeeship and the work environment, I will initially continue the work that Jimmie Kristensson started. In order for us to become world leading, we need to understand that everyone is important. This requires that we have a transparent and clear structure for how we work with employeeship and work environment at all levels.

Why did you agree to become Vice-Dean?

– It is a new and challenging task in an area that interests me. I will now be in a leading position where I can make a difference in how we, within the faculty, take care of all employees and our infrastructures to achieve a successful research environment. An important factor was also that we in the Faculty Management, will work together on many issues.

3 short questions to David Gisselsson Nord

david gisselsson nord

Who are you?

– I am a pathologist and cancer researcher. My research team is dedicated to understanding how cancer cells become resilient to treatment through evolutionary mechanisms. Clinically, I work with diseases in fetal life, childhood and adolescence. Among other things, I coordinate the national collaboration to offer whole genome sequencing to all childhood cancer patients. For several years I have also conducted and developed teaching activities in Sweden and abroad.

What will you be responsible for in the Faculty Management?

– I will work with the faculty's internationalisation. The corona pandemic has shown that strong international relations are more important than ever. I look forward to both expanding and strengthening existing collaborations in education, research and infrastructure.
- Recruitment is another area I will focus on. Here, I see it as my main challenge to find the optimal balance between diversity and excellence required for our faculty to contribute to society. In addition, I will also give attention to development of leadership. Here, I want to retain and promote a professional culture based on mutual trust, fully leveraging each employee's sense of initiative. A culture where influence is balanced with responsibility.

Why did you agree to become Vice-Dean?

– It is an exciting and challenging assignment. I want to help making our faculty an even stronger partner, both nationally and internationally. As part of a full-scale university, diversity is our greatest asset - an asset that obliges us to recruit and keep the best employees.

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