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The award for Best Clinical Supervisor 2018 goes to...


Dan Bergkvist, a specialist in orthopedics, has been named the “Best Clinical Supervisor” for the autumn semester of 2018 by medical students at Lund University in Malmo. The students’ award for “Best Clinical Placement” goes to the orthopedic clinic at Skåne University Hospital in Malmö, Sweden.

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Dan Bergkvist, a specialist in orthopedics at Skåne University Hospital in Malmö, the students’ pick for “Best Clinical Supervisor” in the medical program, Semester 8.

Every semester, students in their 8th term of Lund University’s medical program - Clinical Medicine 3, the so-called “surgeon's semester” - nominate their picks for “Best Clinical Supervisor” and “Best Clinical Placement.”

Supervising is inspiring

Dan Bergkvist is a specialist in orthopedic surgery, and since August 2018 he has also served as an amanuensis. He teaches and supervises Semester 8 medical students at the orthopedic clinic at Skåne University Hospital in Malmö, Sweden.

“Receiving this award is really fantastic, and it gives me inspiration for my future work. It's surprisingly fun to mentor these sharp minds. They’re skilled, talented students who really want to learn, and through teaching, I gain deeper knowledge in the field.” 

Specialist in orthopedics

Dan Bergkvist completed his initial medical training in 2009, and since 2011 he has been active at the orthopedic clinic in Malmö. He has been a doctoral student at the university since 2012, and is conducting research in parallel with his clinical work. His focus is on the panorama of illnesses related to the knees and menisci. Dan Bergkvist thinks the orthopedic clinic in Malmö is a good place for teaching and serving as a teaching assistant, and that the sharing of knowledge between employees is a traditional part of the clinic’s culture. As a supervisor, he finds that this makes it easy to do things right.

 “We have a collegial collaboration in which everyone takes their mission as an amanuensis seriously and where each employee understands his or her role in being able to help when we take on our students. I think these success factors have helped the orthopedic clinic in Malmö to earn the students’ award for ‘Best Clinical Placement.’”

The justification for naming Dan Bergkvist Best Clinical Supervisor 2018

Dan Bergkvist is receiving the award “For his commitment, his humility and his ability to impart knowledge in an effective and understandable way. He takes every opportunity to learn something new and always does so in a stimulating and entertaining manner.”

Moreover, the orthopedic clinic in Malmö was named Best Clinical Placement on the following grounds:

“With structured teaching, interested supervisors and many different learning stages, the orthopedic clinic successfully provides an overall picture of the work of an orthopedic surgeon. Particularly appreciated is the emergency room, where students can take on a lot of responsibility and really use their skills.”

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