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LU researchers have the chance to meet up with editor Miriam Frankel to discuss article ideas for The Conversation.

The Conversation is an independent source of news and opinions coming from the academy and the research world This news service offers a new opportunity to you as a researcher to reach out internationally with your current research and expertise (not just news). The content, crafted by researchers, is often picked up by journalists and reaches several million readers in mainly English-speaking countries each month. It is free to join and you may use the material freely afterwards. You will have the help of an experienced science journalist to edit your text.

Meet the editor of The Conversation

Lund University is the first Scandinavian university member of the British The Conversation. This means that LU researchers have the opportunity to reach through the media millions of people worldwide with their research. On 20-26 September Miriam Frankel, one of the editors of The Conversation, will come to Lund.

Make an appointment

Take the opportunity to discuss your writing ideas with her in an individual meeting. The meetings are about 30-minute long and are held at Lund University Main Building.

Book your time by contacting the Faculty's press officer Katrin Ståhl at

To learn more about publishing on The Conversation, you can also listen to Miriam Frankel's open lectures on 21 September.

  • Thursday, 21 September. 10-11 Palaestra nedre, Universitetsplatsen 
  • Thursday, 21 September. 15-16 Palaestra nedre, Universitetsplatsen 

Examples of researchers from the Faculty of Medicine who previously published articles on The Conversation:

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