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Scholarship holders

About scholarships at Lund University

There are two different types of scholarships:

1. An 'established scholarship' for Master's/PhD studies or postdoctoral career development, is established and/or paid out by Lund University.

2. An 'external scholarship' is awarded and paid out directly to the scholarship holder by an external fund, for Master's/PhD studies or postdoctoral career development.

Decisions regarding scholarship awards

The scholarship holder will receive a decision about the scholarship from the Faculty/department at Lund University.

Letter of invitation

The department concerned will send a letter of invitation to the scholarship holder, signed by the Dean or Head of Department. This can be used when applying for a visa.

Current scholarship holders

The receiving department will provide you with information and give you an introduction to Lund University and to the workplace. Your International Academic Staff Support contact will assist you with various practical issues related to your arrival and initial stay.


Hülya Leeb-Lundberg
International Academic Staff Support (IASS)

Tel: +46 46 222 6227

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