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Definitions of academic staff

International academic staff

International Academic staff includes highly qualified teachers and researchers (Ph.D., M.D. or equivalent) from abroad who are hired by Lund University on a permanent basis, with a defined academic position (e.g. lektor, professor).


A Postdoc is an individual who has recently received a doctoral degree, or its equivalent, in the medical or biomedical sciences, and is subsequently receiving additional training in research (postdoctoral training). Such training is usually necessary to qualify for building a research group and for more advanced academic research positions.

During this training, the postdoc learns how to build and independently run a research project. The postdoc also learns how to organize an advanced research project, apply for project grants, and disseminate the research results through publications and seminars at scientific meetings. Postdoctoral trainees are hired by individual departments and research groups on a contract for a limited time period, normally two years. These individuals either bring their own scholarships or are awarded a scholarship from the host supervisor at the Faculty of Medicine.


A scholar is an individual who has received a doctoral degree or its equivalent as well as postdoctoral training in the medical or biomedical sciences, whose primary purpose is to conduct independent research on their own or in collaboration with a local research group. Usually, such research is conducted within the context of the university’s bilateral agreements with other universities. These individuals work independent of any employment contract and are normally self-supported or supported by the bilateral agreement for one week to three months. However, departments may provide a stipend.

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