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Medical insurance

Medical care in Sweden is very expensive. Therefore, it is very important that you and your family are covered by a medical insurance. All Swedish citizens, residents, and registered foreign nationals are insured in accordance with the Swedish social insurance law and are entitled to medical benefits. You must be staying in Sweden for more than one year in order to be covered by the social insurance, provided by the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan).

EU/EEA and Swiss citizens

EU/EEA citizens can use the Swedish social insurance for medical services in Sweden as any Swedish citizens, provided they have a personal EU Health Insurance card (EHIC). In this case, you only pay a small fee, so called patient fee. If the EHIC is invalid, a certificate from the country of origin explaining the reason for this must be provided. If not, the employee will be responsible to pay the full cost of the medical care.

Nordic citizens

Citizens of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland may live in Sweden without registering or obtaining a residence permit. However, they have to register with the Swedish tax agency in order to receive Swedish social insurance benefits.

Non-EU/EEA citizens staying for less than 1 year

If you are a foreign visitor to a Swedish authority, you can be covered by Insurance for foreign persons, formerly known as the GIF insurance. According to Kammarkollegiet, the name “GIF insurance” changed to “Insurance for Foreign Visitors” on January 1, 2018. Please be aware that Kammarkollegiet still uses the previous name on their home page, but they will change it eventually.

For non-EU/EEA researchers and their families who are staying for less than 1 year (and thus will not be registered as residents in Sweden) will automatically receive Insurance for Foreign Visitors.

The Insurance for Foreign Visitors is only for visiting researchers and their families, and covers only essential health care in Sweden. Insurance for Foreign Visitors does not cover planned care, preventative health care, preventative prenatal care, delivery care, etc. Such care must be paid in full if the researcher and the accompanying family do not have private health insurance. Therefore, researchers in this category are encouraged to supplement their insurance coverage with private insurance. When you visit the medical service provider, you should either pay or request a receipt/invoice for the cost, made out to you. The receipt/invoice and the claim notice, signed by the head of your department, should then be sent to Kammarkollegiet.

Your host department may also apply for a Special Injury Policy, or SPS (Särskilt Personskadeskydd). This policy covers you while at work and while travelling to and from work.

Non-EU/EEA citizens staying for more than 1 year

Researchers, and their accompanying family members, who plan to stay in Sweden for more than one year should upon arrival in Sweden immediately visit the Swedish Tax Agency to be registered in The Swedish Population Registry in order to receive a personal identity number and a European Health Insurance Card. Receiving these items can take up to two months.

Upon receipt of your personal identity number, you will be eligible to use the Swedish social insurance for medical services. While waiting for the personnummer, the researcher and accompanying family are covered by Insurance for Foreign Visitors and Special Injury Policy, SPS (Särskilt Personskadeskydd). Once the researcher is registered as resident in Sweden, Insurance for Foreign Visitors and SPS ceases to apply and the researcher and family are covered by Swedish social insurance.

Non-employed stipend recipients

Non-employed stipend recipients may be covered by a special personal injury policy, SPS (Särskilt Personskadeskydd). This policy covers the researcher while at work and while travelling to and from work. Your host department applies for this policy from Kammarkollegiet.

How to register for social benefits insurance

For information about how to register for social insurance and the healthcare system in Sweden, visit Försäkringskassan's website:

Please also read more detailed information about Moving to Sweden on the Swedish Tax Agency's website:

Business travel insurance

On business trips approved and paid for by Lund University, stipend holders and visiting staff are automatically covered by the Swedish state business travel insurance policy.

  • Swedish State Business Travel Insurance

If your trip is not approved and funded by Lund University, the department should arrange individual travel insurance.

Please contact Hülya Leeb-Lundberg to collect your business travel insurance certificate card. You must bring this insurance card with you when you are travelling.

These two work-related insurance policies only apply to you - not to other family members.

Insurance contacts at Lund University

For questions regarding overall insurance coverage of employees and students at Lund University, please contact:

Jenny Palmgren, 


Hülya Leeb-Lundberg
International Academic Staff Support (IASS)

Tel: +46 46 222 6227

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