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Longer stays

It is strongly recommended that you open a bank account if you plan to stay in Sweden for more than a few months. The reason is that you need a Swedish bank account to receive your salary/stipend compensation. To do so, the bank prefers to have your personal identity number (personnummer). However, most banks will register you using a 'dummy' ID number if you are waiting to receive your official ID number from the tax agency. In this case, you must notify your bank as soon as you recieve your personal identity number from the tax authority.

When you open a bank account, you will receive a debit card as well as internet and telephone access to your account. Banks are generally open between 10.00 and 15.00, but some branch offices have more generous opening hours, especially on Thursdays.

Required documents

Shorter stays

If you are staying in Sweden only for a couple of months, the bank recommends that you use your bank account in your home country. Your employer may transfer your salary/stipend compensation to your account in your home country. Without a Swedish bank account, you can still pay bills through a bank, e.g. Forex bank.

If you really need to open a Swedish bank account, you need a coordination number (samordningsnummer). A coordination number is obtained by your responsible departmental administrator requesting it from the tax office. The tax office informs your administrator of the number. After you receive the coordination number from your administrator, you then bring it to the bank together with the other necessary documents.

Required documents

  • Valid passport
  • Personal identity number (personnummer) / Coordination number (samordningsnummer)
  • Proof of employment (or hosting agreement / letter of invitation)
  • Address in Sweden
  • Residence permit / Right of residence
  • Most banks require a Swedish ID card*

*Some banks may open temporary accounts if you have not yet received your Personal Identity Number or Swedish ID card, but require these within three months to open a full account. If you have a Coordination Number you can open an account without a Swedish ID card.

Receiving salaries and stipends

You may open an account in any bank you wish. Lund University pays salaries through Nordea Bank.

Nordea Bank
Lund University has an agreement with Nordea Bank regarding payment of salaries and stipends. The salary/stipend is paid to a personal account in Nordea Bank. If you provide Nordea Bank with a transfer order, the payment can be sent to another Swedish bank. Use the following form to apply for a bank account at Nordea or to make a transfer order to another Swedish bank. The completed form must be handed in to the nearest Nordea office, or sent to Nordea by postal mail (address listed at the bottom of the form).

If you want your payment to be transferred to a bank account outside Sweden, you must complete the following form and send it to Nordea (address listed at the bottom of the form). Nordea Bank must have the form no later than 3 weeks before scheduled payment date.

If Nordea has not received any information regarding your bank account, you will receive your first payment as a check sent to your home address. After bringing the check to the bank, you will receive the money in cash. In this case, it is very important that we have the right information regarding your home address in Sweden and that you have your name on the door/postbox.

Forex Bank
At this bank, stipend recipients can cash their stipend checks at the cost of 50 SEK per check. To do this, you need you passport and a local telephone number. 


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