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Equal opportunities & harassments

We work purposefully and systematically with gender equality, equal opportunities and diversity. There is a zero tolerance policy towards victimisation and discrimination. Respect, openness and consideration are always to apply in encounters between staff, students and our cooperation partners. Our common work is characterised by participation, curiosity and commitment.

Offensive actions and behaviour are never tolerated at Lund University and the Faculty of Medicine, regardless if it takes place between students or colleagues, managers and employees, or teachers and students. We all have a responsibility to act against offensive behaviour and discrimination.

Where to go for support

If you are the victim of offensive behaviour or discrimination, then you are entitled to help and support. You must determine what kind of support you need, and who needs to provide it for you. The Heads of Department and the are responsible for preventing any employee from being subjected to offensive behaviour or discrimination.

Remember – you can get help from your manager, the Occupational Health Service, Health and safety representatives, Employee organisations representatives or an HR representative.

In cases of harassment, discrimination or victimisation of student

Administrative procedure in case of discrimination, harassment and victimisation of students:

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