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Time 2 Talk

PhD students & Postdoc lunches

Time 2 Talk is a monthly lunch meeting for PhD students and postdocs. The lunches offer topics on professional development in a broad perspective. This is an excellent opportunity to meet colleagues from other research groups, while enjoying a lunch sandwich. 

After an inspiring presentation from an invited speaker there is plenty of time and opportunity to ask questions and get to know your research fellows across the faculty.

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Calendar spring 2019

All presentations are conducted in English.

Time and location: 12.15-13.30 at either Dora Jacobsohn or Belfragesalen at D15, BMC (entrance at Klinikgatan 32); or via videolink at CRC in Malmö.


February 5th: Creating research impact - dynamic collaborations between e-patients, researchers and innovators in academia and industry

Speakers: Niclas Nilsson, head of Open Innovation and Research platform at LEO Pharma, and Sara Riggare, PhD student at the Karolinska Institute and e-patient*

Niclas Nilsson and Sara Riggare will speak about creating dynamic collaborations between patients, researchers and innovators in academia and in industry.

Niclas Nilsson is head of Open Innovation and research platform at LEO Pharma, which aims to create synergy between pharma R&D and e.g. customer cocreation, social media, machine learning, business, digitalization and democratized crowd participation.

Sara Riggare is an engineer and a PhD student in health informatics, and introduced the concept “spetspatient” (e-patient) in Sweden. E-patients are active in their care and demonstrate the power of the Participatory Medicine or Health 2.0/Medicine 2.0 paradigm. The "e" can stand for "electronic" but has also been used to refer to other terms, such as "equipped", "enabled", "empowered" and "expert".  An e-patient is a health consumer who participates fully in his/her medical care, primarily by gathering information about medical conditions that impact them and their families, using the Internet and other digital tools. The term encompasses those who seek guidance for their own ailments and the friends and family members who go online on their behalf. E-patients report two effects of their health research: "better health information and services, and different, but not always better, relationships with their doctors." (Wikipedia)

March 5th: E-health in practice and research, opportunities and challenges

E-health is a new and emerging field applying the opportunities of digitalization, and entails all use of digital technology in health care. More and more people utilize electronic services to manage their health and wellbeing.

But as new digital solutions are developed and implemented, the need for research of the consequences for health care system and for society at large increases. The effects can be unexpected and are not necessarily only positive.

Speaker: Gudbjörg Erlingsdottír, Associate Professor and Coordinator of the research platform E-health@LU, Faculty of Engineering

April 1st: Mastermind Groups as a means to develop as a researcher

Pernilla Garmy, researcher as HSC and senior lecturer at Kristianstad university, participated in Postdoc Career Success, an online career development programme for researcher, and learned about mastermind groups. Together with her colleagues in the group, Pernilla benefitted from participating in it in many ways, and even wrote a scientific article about it!

Come and learn about setting up a mastermind group and how you could gear it towards researcher development.

Speaker: Pernilla Garmy, senior lecturer, Kristianstad University/postdoctoral fellow, HSC

May 7th: The current Labour market situation in Life Science industry in the Öresund region

Krassimir Alexiev has a broad international experience in the corporate world, especially Life Sciences. He is currently working at the Swedish Public Employment Services as a Life Sciences expert, and will share what the current labour market looks like in the Medicon Valley/Öresund region, what the most wanted competencies are, and what Life Science companies are generally looking for.

Speaker: Krassimir Alexiev, Life science specialist, Public Employment Service

This seminar has been cancelled due to illness!

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