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What is National Junior Faculty (NJF)?

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NJF is an umbrella organization for local junior/future faculties at Swedish universities whose role is to represent and support early career academics.

The vision and mission of NJF

The vision of NJF is to create the best possible academic environment that enables early career academics to achieve their full potential. This is accomplished through the NJF mission of recognizing the values and competences of early career academics, strengthening the professional development of early career academics and advocating for policies that promote positive changes in the academic system.

What is the role of Lund University's Future Faculty in NJF?

LU make up one of the ten universities who are part of NJF encompassing more than 3000 early career academics. An NJF task force from LU regularly meets with members of NJF, organizes events and ensures that LU Future Faculty members are kept up to date on important topics at the national level. See Future Faculty’s ongoing events page for more information.

Find out more about NJF

Contact the Future Faculty Chair of NJF, Claire Lyons or any member of the current NJF task force, Klinsmann Carolo Dos Santos, Anders Rasmussen, Susan Evans Axelsson, Nicole van der Burg and Evangelia Sereti[SEA1] .

LinkedIn: NJF Sweden

Twitter: @NJFSweden

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