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Minerva award selection process

Future Faculty strives to implement transparency in all our actions and decisions.

The Minerva award nominations are announced in the Autumn term through online channels to the entire Medical Faculty. We encourage to nominate members of the Medical Faculty at all levels of the organisation - this includes academic, research, clinical and administrative staff and can include from junior until most senior positions.

Those who wish to nominate, are asked to write a short motivation for why the nominee deserves the award. The nomination text is important, as the first decisions on the shortlist are based on those motivations. Any candidates that are or have been affiliated with Future Faculty in the last 2 years are removed from the nomination list. One member of Future Faculty, in charge of managing the award process, “blinds” the nominations so that the nominated individuals can not be identified. A 5-person shortlist is chosen by the Future Faculty steering committee, blinded to the nominated individuals. The FF Minerva manager is not involved in the selection.

The shortlisted candidates are further vetted: a questionnaire evaluating the academic values (Honesty, Trust, Fairness, Respect, Responsibility, and Courage) is sent to people in the candidate’s environment to answer anonymously. Each of the academic values has to be motivated. These answers together with original motivations are sent to the external review committee. To ensure the basis of the evaluation are based on the academic values, CV’s are omitted throughout the process. The committee consists of three professors at LU, not directly involved with the Medical Faculty. They independently rank candidates and suggest one winner with a motivation. Based on the suggestion made by external reviewers, the Future Faculty steering board makes a decision. Members of the Future Faculty steering group closely affiliated with any of the candidates are not present during the decision making.

The winner is announced in Spring, followed by an award ceremony.

In 2016, we received 43 nominations for 21 different candidates.

In 2017, we received 28 nominations for 15 different candidates.

In 2018, we received 16 nominations for 9 different candidates.

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