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Future Faculty is an organization of researchers with a doctoral degree (PhD), who have not yet obtained a permanent/tenured position at the University. The aim of Future Faculty is to improve the conditions for young and future researchers at the Faculty of Medicine and to promote development of a career system at all levels. We offer activities, information and services for continuous career development and we provide support to postdocs and young researchers by organizing seminars, workshops and networking opportunities throughout the year.

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Future Faculty organizes a photo contest

Future Faculty invites its members to participate in a photo competition. 

More information, rules, and instructions to participate are found here. Submit your contribution before the 10th of October.

The 2021 Future Faculty retreat will take place on the 23d September 2021 at Malmö Live, Clarion Hotel, Malmö! 

This year's topic is: "Do it better, do it right: Mine, Yours, and Their Responsibility in Science".

For more information and registration, click here. Note that the number of participants is limited to 50.

The Swedish Young Academy (SUA) has published a report on career paths for young researchers. The report describes variability in the appointment of associate senior lecturer (BUL) positions at different faculties in Sweden. This is a central topic for Future Faculty and one of the most important issues for our members. Find the full report (in Swedish) here

survey 2019


The results from the previous survey, conducted in 2016 can be found here:

Is there a selection bias for academic positions in Sweden?

Our colleagues at Karolinska Institute Junior Faculty have published a study showing gender and ethnic inequalities in the hiring practices for Assistant Professorship at Karolinska Institutet. Read the whole article here:


bias article

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Link to article

Careers Centre at the Faculty of Medicine

This autumn the Careers Centre offers a great deal of interesting seminars relevant for young researchers, check them out at: Link

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