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Mentorship programmes organised by Careers Centre

In order to support young researchers in their career planning and stimulate their awareness of available options on the labour market, the Careers Centre at the Faculty of Medicine runs two different mentorship programmes:

  1.  MentLife – in which participants get assigned a mentor from the life science industry.
  2.  Innovation and Entrepreneurship – in which participants get assigned a business developer from LU Innovation.

Both programmes will run from September 2021 until June 2022.

Deadline for applying is 11 April!

If you are a postdoctoral researcher interested in getting a mentor for an academic career, please visit Future Faculty´s web site.

Description of the two tracks

MentLife – with focus on life science industry

The programme is arranged in collaboration with the life science industry and aims to provide an increased insight into the various opportunities available in the sector. By getting assigned an experienced mentor from the life science industry you will get an opportunity to get valuable individual support in your career planning. In addition to the individual meetings with your mentor, the programme also is an opportunity to broaden your network, through meeting other young researchers from the faculty, as well as meeting other participants´ mentors. If possible, regarding the covid situation, study visits to relevant companies are also organized within the programme.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

This track is not a traditional mentorship programme since the focus is not primarily on self-development, but rather on developing your project idea from a commercial aspect. 

As a participant in the Innovation/Entrepreneurship track you will be matched with a business developer from LU innovation. This person has work experience from both academia and industry and can give you support in testing your idea for future commercialization, already at an early stage. You will also be able to participate in courses and seminars on value creation methodologies, protection of intellectual property and how to take your ideas and projects further with companies and other stakeholders.  

To participate in this track, you do not need to have a fully developed idea but need to have a genuine interest for reaching out beyond academia with your research.


PhD students: Doctoral students who have passed their half-time review, or expect to do so before September 2021, and who are not expected to graduate before the end of the programme (early June 2022), are prioritized. However, if places are available, candidates who do not meet these criteria may also be considered.

Postdoctoral researchers: Postdoctoral researchers who apply to the programme need to have the intention to be affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine for the duration of the whole programme (Sep 2021-June 2022).

Application process

NB! The application will take some time to complete so please start well in time! 

  1.  Fill out the registration form at this link and indicate which programme you would like to participate in. You may apply for both.
  2. If you are applying for the MentLife programme, please complete a self-assessment test, for example Other tests are also valid, the important thing is that you reflect upon skills, interests, work values and how these impact your future plans. If you are applying for the Entrepreneurship and Innovation track, the self assessment test is not mandatory for the application. However, it may be worthwhile performing anyway.
  3. Write a personal letter describing why you wish to participate in the programme. Clearly state your expectations of the programme and what you would like to gain from it. The letter should also include a short summary and reflection of your self-assessment test results. Look below for selection criteria for the two different programmes. 
  4. Attach your CV to the application. (The CV is required for matching with mentor/business developer)

NB! The registration form should be filled out, and the personal letter and CV should be sent to no later than 11 April. For an application to be considered, it must be complete. 

The mentorship programme coordinators will review the applications and select the final group of mentees that will be matched with a mentor/business developer in the specific programme. 

The results from the selection will be posted to the applicants in May. 

Admitted mentees are expected to fully participate in the programme.

For any questions about the programmes, please contact:

Selection criteria


Selection criteria


MentLife – Life Science Industry

Commitment: participation /engagement in the programme

Personal letter


Motivation: purpose for participating in the programme

Personal letter


Ability to reflect on self-assessment results

Reflections in personal letter, summary of self-assessment test results


Applicant has an idea for commercialization of product or service

Personal letter


Interest in entrepreneurship/


Personal letter


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