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Faculty of Medicine launches mentorship programme for PhD students

In order to support PhD students in their career planning, and stimulate their awareness of available options on the labour market for their life after thesis defence, Faculty of Medicine launches a mentorship programme for PhD students in their third year of studies.

The mentorship programme includes two different tracks; one for life science industry, and one for innovation and entrepreneurship. Clinical PhD students already have access to an independent mentoring programme.

All PhD students are welcome to apply, but PhD students who have passed their half-time review, or expect to do so before the start of the academic year in September 2019/20, will be given priority.

Application process

1) Complete a self-assessment test of your competence, skills, strengths and weaknesses, for example

 2) Fill in the application form here

3) Write and upload a personal letter including a short summary and reflection of your self-assessment test results, your motivation to participate in the mentor programme, what career plans you have, what goals you have set up and what steps you have already taken. Look below for selection criteria for the different mentorship programme tracks.

4) Attach your CV to the application.

The deadline for applications is April 18th.

The applications will be compiled by Careers Centre. The mentorship programme leaders will review the applications and select the final group of mentees that will be matched with a mentor in the programme. The selection criteria are as follows:

Mentorship programme track

Selection criteria


MentLife – Life Science Industry

Motivation – driving force to participate in the programme

Personal letter

(Leader: Annie Chandy, LU Innovation)

Ability to reflect on self-assessment results (knowledge of strengths and weaknesses, awareness of skills needed)


Reflections in personal letter, summary of self-assessment test results


Applicant has an idea for commercialization of product or service

Personal letter

Leader: LU Innovation

Interest in entrepreneurship/



The results from the selection and matching will be posted to the applicants on May 17th,

Then the mentees will have one week to confirm their participation in the mentorship programme or place on the waiting list up to noon, May 24th, after this, applicants on the waiting list will be admitted.

The deadlines are non-negotiable and admitted mentees are expected to fully participate in the mentorship programme.

PhD students who are not admitted in the mentorship programme are welcome to participate in an interesting seminar series. These seminars are open for all PhD students at the Faculty of Medicine. Topics for the seminars are relevant for career development in the different career tracks, or of common interest.

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Annie Chandy, Business Developer at LU Innovation and Project Manager of MentLife


Annie Chandy, Project leader of MentLife
Annie Chandy

Susanne Sundell, Coordinator at Careers Centre and of the mentorship programme


susanne sundell


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