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Individual career coaching

Are you unsure of the next step in your career? Are you perhaps heading towards your thesis defence and starting to wonder what to do next? Is your temporary research position reaching its inevitable end? Perhaps you just want to feel more fulfilled in your job?

Career development does not necessarily mean aiming upwards the traditional career ladder. It is rather about finding out what would be right for you specifically, which can be anything from broadening perspectives, specializing in a specific area or changing direction altogether.

Individual career coaching gives you an opportunity to discuss and work on your career concerns together with an unbiased, professional discussion partner. You will not be given answers or ready-made solutions, but are offered support to reflect upon your situation, map skills and competences, explore possible options and get help with structuring an action plan. The coaching process is flexible in the meaning that you decide which issues are important for you to address. It is never a coach´s aim to fix things for others, but I can assist you in finding your own preferred solutions and possibilities to move towards your goal.

The process is based upon individual meetings. We may meet only at a few occassions or for several times during a longer period of time, according to your needs. Usually, we meet for 30-60min at every occassion, with a few weeks in between the meetings. You may also get tasks to be performed in between the meetings.

What is being discussed during the coaching sessions is of course not passed on to anyone else, but stays between us.

The coaching is free of charge. 

If you are interested, contact me at

Please include the following in your e-mail:

  • Name
  • Employed as
  • Department
  • Contact info (mail & phone)
  • Short motivation to why you think career coaching may be of interest to you
  • Your expectations on the coaching process


pernilla carlsson

Pernilla Carlsson, PhD

Certified coach at practitioner level through Life&CareerAB


Phone: 046-2220828

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