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Gerd Ahlström

Professor of Nursing, PhD in Medical Science, Registered Nurse, Fellow of the European Academy of Nursing Science (EANS)

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Our research team’s projects are carried out in collaboration with older people, their next of kin and staff. This applies also to my own particular research, the purpose of which is to improve the care of people with chronic ill-health and functional disability, more specifically people aged 65 or more and people who have a progressive disease and thereby experience premature ageing. Chronological age is less significant when a person suffers from serious ill-health. The understanding of the older person’s and the next of kin’s experiences is affected by the perception of ageing as a biological and a social phenomenon. Distinctive features of the research I direct are methodological diversity and the investigation of implementation by use of interactive methods. The improvement of care presupposes the participation of all concerned, and the aim is that the research shall result in models and best practice for person-centred care and welfare of older people. The focus is also on the next of kin’s contribution, and on the next of kin’s own need for support. To mention one example, a recently started project involves following the first generation of intellectually disabled older people in respect of their health and their need for care and welfare. Another one is about collaboration between relatives of frail older patients and nurses in acute hospital.

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Furthermore I am engaged as assistant coordinator in the National Graduate School for Ageing and Health.
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Gerd Ahlstrom

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