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Li Thies-Lagergren

Leg midwife, MMID, PhD, Adjunct Lecturer
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I took my degree in nursing in 1992, midwifery degree in 1996 and doctorate in 2013 with the thesis "The Swedish Birth Seat Trial" at the Department of Women and Child Health at Karolinska Institutet.

During my years as a midwife, I have always focused on the normal physiological birth. I have also assisted many parents who have chosen to give birth to their children at home. In 2004 I started my research career with a study on giving birth on a stool (upright delivery position). I am in the beginning of my research career and intend to continue to focus on different aspects of the physiological birth giving. I'm now planning for a project regarding bleeding after childbirth. I am also part of a Nordic research group "Nordic Homebirth Research Group".

I split my work time between being a midwife at the maternity ward in Helsingborg and as a teacher at the midwifery program and course coordinator for the individual courses in Lund. In addition, I supervise students at Lund University and is in charge of the students at the maternity ward in Helsingborg.

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