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health sciences lab

The Health Sciences Lab is a metabolic and muscular laboratory with strong research links, which focuses on evaluating aspects of lifestyle and sport. We offer physiological testing, training advice and consulting.

The laboratory is unique in that we have access to, and the possibility of combining, many different types of testing methods. This means we are able to analyse fitness and training status in a variety of different ways. There are many different factors that affect human sport and exercise performance, including strength, metabolism, endurance, anaerobic capacity, nutrition and lifestyle. The aim of HSL is to provide the equipment and expertise in order to obtain a detailed individual assessment of fitness and training status, and to offer training and nutritional assessment and advice.

From a sports perspective, physiological testing and the subsequent analysis can lead to improved performance, and it is possible to create an optimal and comprehensive training plan using analysis from a variety of fitness tests.

HSL is a private laboratory within Lund University, and all tests are carried out by experienced physiologists in a professional and relaxed atmosphere.

For whom?
We offer these tests principally to researchers in the field of lifestyle-related disciplines, but also to different training and sports clubs and organisations. We also offer this service to coaches for rehabilitation of sports injuries, such as sports clubs at the elite level, and rehabilitation centres.

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