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Clinical Health Promotion Centre

Alcohol / Drugs, Tobacco, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Co-morbidity

Clinical Health Promotion Centre (CHPC) carries out both broad and specialized clinical research and education in prevention and health promotion, as well as treatment and rehabilitation in five main areas: alcohol / drugs, tobacco, nutrition, physical activity and comorbidity across specialities and sectors.
The overall purpose is a better health gain for the benefit of the individual patient, relatives, staff and society as a whole. The outcome includes prevention and treatment effects, morbidity, comorbidity and mortality, self-evaluated health and quality of life, as well as socio-economic conditions.
The research group has a strong and clear identity at Lund University. Since 1987, it has carried out both national and international high-quality research in the field of alcohol and drugs in close collaboration with municipal, local and regional healthcare. This platform now also includes other risk factors that have the greatest significance for the burden of diseases (comorbidity), ie. tobacco, nutrition and physical activity [Lancet 2012 + 2015].


In May 2016, a new Centre for Healthy Lifestyle, WHO Collaborating Centre (WHO-CC) for the implementation of evidence-based clinical health promotion was established. The centre is a collaboration between the World Health Organization (WHO), the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Lund University and Region Skåne. The goal is to give patients better conditions for successful treatment hrough improved lifestyle factors, in Skåne, Sweden and globally. See more information on the website of WHO-CC. This centre is co-located with CHPC.


WHO-CC in Malmö has a twin centre in Cöpenhagen, WHO Collaborating Centre for Evidence-Based Health Promotion in Hospitals and Health Services at Bispebjerg & Frederiksberg Hospital.



Supervision of postdocs, doctoral students, master students, young researchers and.resident physicians.

In collaboration with the Addiction Centre Malmo we also arrange for some years a course in Intensive smoking cessation intervention, the Gold Standard Program (GSP), in relation to  smoke-free surgery, tobacco-free psychiatry, etc. - where intense effort is required.


Sweden / Denmark

University-wise our department is a part of the Department of Clinical Health Science of the Faculty of Medicine, Lund University / Copenhagen University.

Healthcare-wise we are connected to Addiction Centre Malmo, Psychiatry Skane / Bispebjerg & Fredriksberg Hospital, Copenhagen.


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Principal investigator
Hanne Tønnesen
MD, PhD (Spec in surgery)
Professor, Director WHO-CC,
senior physician, principal investigator
Phone: +46-40-33 29 85

Administrative coordinator, webmaster 
Eva Skagert
Phone +46-40-332978

Cecilia Gravin
Phone: +46-40-332077; +46-70-525 64 80

WHO-CC: Clinical Health Promotion Centre
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