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olga goeransson


Olga Göransson, Ph.D. Principal Investigator 
Telephone +4646 2229552, Fax: +4646 2224022
E-mail: Olga.Goransson@med.lu.se 

Protein phosphorylation is a signalling mechanism that regulates most aspects of cellular life, and protein kinases, which carry out this post-translational modification, constitute the largest family of enzymes encoded by the human genome.

An overall aim of our research is to study the regulation and function of protein phosphorylation cascades with relevance to Type 2 Diabetes, with a particular focus on adipose tissue.

Presently, our main project evolves around the master upstream kinase LKB1 and its substrates in the AMP-activated protein kinase family. This kinase network is a target for the anti-diabetic drug metformin, and regulates diverse cellular functions such as cell polarity, energy balance and metabolism.

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