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Our research group, Experimental Neuroinflammation Laboratory, was established in 2013 and is situated at BMC in Lund.

We study the function of the brain inflammatory cells, known as microglial cells, in neurodegenerative diseases. We believe that knowledge about microglial cell communication, e.g. via extracellular vesicles, and how these cells are activated by immunomodulatory molecules will be an important part of future treatments of neurodegenerative diseases. 

Our goal is to understand the role of microglial cells in the inflammation that occurs during neurodegeneration and how the microglial response can be modulated to protect nerve cells and support their normal function.

We are particularly interested in Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, vascular dementia and cerebral ischemia (e.g, stroke and brain injury after cardiac arrest).

We look specifically at how microglia are affected by Abeta plaques accumulating in the brains of Alzheimer's patients. Our research group also studies how microglial cells are affected by alphasynuclein, a protein that is associated with Parkinson's disease.

Physical training is considered an important part of treatment of several diseases of the brain, and we are looking into the inflammatory mechanisms related to the beneficial effect of physical exercise. We are also studying a new cell sorting technology, acoustophoresis, and how this technology can be applied in neuroscience.

Deierborg's Group

The group in the gym, looking at physical exercise and its positive effects on neurodegeneration. From the left: Marina Castro Zalis, Antonio Boza Serrano, Tomas Deierborg, Martina Svensson, Hilmer Olai.

Confocal image

Confocal image
Confocal image of an amyloidbeta (Aβ) plaque from a human Alzheimer's Disease subject. The inflammatory cells of the brain, microglia (green) is shown in association with the Aβ plaque (red).


Tomas Deierborg
PhD, Associate Professor, Research Group Leader 
Tel: +46462220197, 
Cell phone: +46709708212
E-mail: tomas.deierborg@med.lu.se 

Visiting Address: BMC B11, Sölveg 19, Lund 

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