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Kajsa M Paulsson


Kajsa Paulsson,  PhD, Group Leader 

Phone: +46 0706 08 33 81
E-mail: Kajsa_M.Paulsson@med.lu.se 

My group studies antigen presentation by MHC-I, which are the most polymorphic molecules existing in humans with over 5000 variants. I use primarily biochemical and cellular models to study MHC-I and proteins, including the key protein tapasin, involved in antigen processing and MHC-I peptide presentation, using recombinant proteins, tissues and cells. I have a particular interest in malignancies in which tapasin is dysregulated and the patients have MHC-I sets significantly different from healthy cohorts. Efficiency of chemotherapy, and how it affects immunogenicity is another of my interests. Both malignant transformation and several viruses frequently result in downregulation of MHC-I per se and/or tapasin. Inflammatory diseases including ankylosing spondylitis is linked to particular MHC-I types and we study the features of these MHC-I molecules that may contribute to pathogensis. We also use bioinformatics approaches, e.g., using wet lab data to improve immunogenicity prediction tools. We also work on development of novel tools to selectively modify immunogenecity of tumor cells. To further our understanding of antigen presentation, and also of zoonotic diseases e.g., avian flu, we also study MHC-I in migratory and sedentary small song birds that are exposed to markedly different pathogen pressures and with severity and symptoms of flu.


At the moment we run three main projects in my group.

  Project 1) “Tapasin and regulation of MHC class I - use in prognostics and development of  a tool  specifically modifying tumor cell immunogenecity.”

  Project 2) “How to get an efficient immune response against zoonotic avian flu? Lessons to be learned from studies of multiple species.”

  Project 3) “MHC-I molecules in ankylosing spondylitis – lessons to be learned from different species”.


Kajsa Paulsson
Antigen Presentation
Dept of Experimental Medical Science 
Lund University
BMC D14, SE-221 84 Lund

Visiting adress: Sölvegatan 19

Selected Grants 2013

  • Tesdorpfs
  • Innovativa ALF
  • Royal Physiographic Society

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