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More people will probably continue working into old age in the future due to the increased size of aging populations in many countries. We therefore need to know more about older workers' health in relation to their work situation and retirement. This study is a part of a theoretical development of older workers' situations. Older workers' situations are theoretically themed in nine areas by the authors of this study (http://www.swage.org/ ).

Pregnant women living in areas with polluted air have children who weigh slightly less at birth. Although the impact is very small, the connection is clear, a researcher at Lund University, Sweden has demonstrated. “This is despite the fact that air pollution in Skåne (where the study was conducted) is usually within approved EU limits. Even low levels of pollution that are considered acceptable could have an effect”, says Ebba Malmqvist

In this study, we assess how the Scania Green Score (SGS5), and the five distinct perceived neighbourhood green dimensions within this area-aggregated index (1 km2 squares), is associated with self-reported physical activity and general health, and if perceived safety and social coherence has a moderating effect.

Sonographers have a high risk of musculoskeletal disorders. This study explores the associations between working conditions and musculoskeletal pain based on the frequency and intensity of pain in the neck and upper extremities

Exposure to inorganic arsenic (iAs) in drinking is a known risk factor for different types of malignancies, mainly of epithelial origin, such as cancer of the lung, bladder, kidney, skin, liver, and prostate. Susceptibility to arsenic related toxicity differs between individuals and population groups. Alterations in mitochondrial DNA copy number (mtDNAcn) and telomere length in blood have recently been associated with cancer risk. We elucidated if arsenic exposure alters mtDNAcn and telomere length in individuals with different arsenic metabolizing capacity.

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