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Department of Laboratory Medicine


We are conducting leading research that is specific yet broad within the field of laboratory medicine, focusing on how diseases arise and how we can improve diagnosis and treatment of patients. Some of our strongest areas of world-class research concern cancer, genetics and blood research. Another focus area is occupational and environmental medicine, where we study how our environment affects our health. In addition to this, we provide a comprehensive PhD programme and are active as teaching staff in undergraduate and Master’s education – particularly within the medical degree and biomedicine.


Postal adress:
ILM Lund
 Klinisk kemi
 Skånes Universitetssjukhus
 SE-221 85 Lund

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 EB-blocket, plan2
 Klinikgatan 19

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 Hämtställe 32

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+46 46-222 00 00

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