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Parent and child centered care in focus

One of the most central challenges that healthcare globally is facing today is to deal with the rising need of care as an increasing number of children with chronic disease is estimated to result. The current research program "Parent and child centered care based on the child and family needs - knowledge development and transfer to practical activity" hope to develop, evaluate and implement child-centered care to meet these complex and often costly challenges.

Appropriation of nearly 15 million gives Professor Inger Hallström and her multidisciplinary research team and colleagues, nationally and internationally, the ability to see the long term in their research. The main funders are Forte and the Swedish Research Council.

The research focuses on three areas:
• Promote health in early childhood by supporting parents and children
• Hospital-based home care for children with chronic illness
• Knowledge about the implementation processes of child-centered care
The overall goals are to:
• Develop, evaluate and implement child-centered care support for families in care with the aim to promote and improve health and prevent illness in children, especially those identified as vulnerable and at increased risk of illness
• Develop, evaluate and implement hospital-based home care for children with chronic illness to increase family participation in care and decision-making, reduce the burden on the family and reduce health care costs
• Increase knowledge about the contextual and cultural structures on the introduction of new methods and treatments in health care
• Increase the introduction of evidence-based research in child-centered care to the practical business and society through new forms of translating knowledge and communicate results on Internet-based platforms
• Increased and deeper communication between senior and junior researchers in child-centered care, nationally and internationally, through inter- and multidisciplinary cooperation

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