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Improving care for cardiac arrest patients

Every year 10000 people in Sweden suffer from sudden cardiac arrest outside the hospital, but only 500 survive. Our research covers the full chain of survival, including performance in the medical dispatch centers, quality of pre-hospital care and continued care after admission to a hospital bed. A special focus has been on caring for the unconscious patient in the intensive care unit with an impending or manifest brain injury and the role of targeted temperature management (TTM). We collect serial blood samples in all cardiac arrest patients in a regional biobank (SWECRIT) for later analysis. Survivors and close relatives are being followed up for evaluation of cognitive function, quality of life and need of rehabilitation.

The research is multidisciplinary and involves several specialties; anesthesia and intensive care, neurology, cardiology, pathology, radiology and rehabilitation. We collaborate with several other institutions such as SOS Alarm, the Skåne prehospital organization and the Institute for Health Economics at Lund University.

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Latest updates 

Returning to work after cardiac arrest. has reported on the latest publication from the TTM1-trial by Gisela Lilja The study describes survivors’ ability to participate in activities of everyday life and society, including return to work. Dr. Callaway form the University of Pittsburgh commented: “If we are able to relieve these issues [fatigue, depression] for survivors,” he said, “perhaps we can help people resume regular life more quickly.” Read the full article here: The paper, published is availble here; Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes.

Post Cardiac Arrest Care Symposium in Lund, September 4-5 2017
Welcome to the third international symposium on post cardiac arrest care focusing on neuroprognostication, cognitive follow-up, health-related quality-of-life and rehabilitation after cardiac arrest. Visit for more information, registration and abstract submission.

TTM2 has been granted 2 million Euro from the Swedish Research Council!
The TTM2-trial Targeted Temperature Management after Cardiac Arrest 2 will start in September 2017 and include 1200 patients in 15 countries. Read more.  

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