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BioCARE is a governmental supported strategic research area in cancer and is a collaboration between Lund University and University of Gothenburg. The overall aim is to promote research and education of highest international standard and to facilitate the translation of acquired knowledge to society with health care and industry as the natural partners.

VISION - Increase survival for cancer patients

MISSION – Contribute to improved and new treatments for cancer patients and improved cancer health care


  • RESEARCH – Promote translational cancer research of highest international quality and facilitate both exchange and implementation of research results between preclinical and clinical cancer research
  • EDUCATION – Contribute to increased quality in education and continued education of personnel in close interaction with research in
    Undergraduate studies
  • Graduate studies
  • Continued education
  • INNOVATION - Support commercialisation of research results by facilitating and supporting the process from idea to company formation or licensing
  • COLLABORATION - Facilitate collaboration within research and with healthcare, other strategic research areas, the private sector and the public at local, national and international level

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