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BioCARE is a governmental supported strategic research area in cancer and is a collaboration between Lund University and University of Gothenburg. The overall aim is to promote research and education of highest international standard and to facilitate the translation of acquired knowledge to society with health care and industry as the natural partners.


Grants awarded to postdocs (2018-05-16)

Congratulations to Leal Oburoglu and Steven Reid for the two-year salary support from BioCARE Read more

Wallenberg Clinical Scholar 2018 to cancer research (2018-04-05)

T Fioretos

Thoas Fioretos, consultant and professor at the Department of Clinical Genetics, Lund University, is awarded one of the Wallenberg Clinical Scholar 2018 grant. The programme want to provide a long-term boost to Swedish clinical, patient-based research and is awarded for 5 years with the possibility for 5 years extension. Thoas Fioretos will develop new methods to improve diagnostics, treatment selection, and follow-up of patients diagnosed with leukemia. (Photo: Markus Marcetic)   Read more

Grants awarded in cancer research (2018-03-23)

Several researchers in the cancer field at Lund University have been awarded grants for research positons from the Swedish Cancer Society and the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.

The Swedish Cancer Society

  • Senior Investigator Award - Marcus Järås
  • Junior Investigator Award - Alexander Pietras & Tanja Stocks
  • Postdoctoral position - Sofie Mohlin & Agatheeswaran Subramaniam
  • Fellowship in pancreatic research - Chris Madsen
  • Senior Clinical Investigator Award (50-70%) - Maria Planck
  • Junior Clinical Investigator Award (50-70%) - Hans Brunnström

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation

  • Research position – Marcus Järås
  • Assistant Professor – Charlotta Böiers, Valgardur Sigurdsson
  • Clinical research months – Ladislav Król (SUS)
  • Postdoctoral position – Kishan Bellamkonda, Sofie Mohlin, Abhishek Niroula, Minjun Yang

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