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The Faculty of Medicine at Lund University is home to 1800 staff members, 1,200 graduate students and 2,800 undergraduate students at campuses in both Lund and Malmö.

The region Lund/Malmö/Copenhagen - sometimes referred to as Medicon Valley - is one of Europe's strongest life sciences clusters, with a large number of companies and research institutes.

Distances here are short. You can get to Copenhagen in under an hour, and reach anywhere in the south of Sweden in under two hours.

Map of the Öresund region


Cobbled street in Lund
The cobbled streets of Lund

The university has made its mark on the Lund for almost 350 years. The city has 110,000 inhabitants, a large proportion of whom have some connection to the university. There is plenty to see and do, and you are never far from the excitement of bigger cities like Malmö and Copenhagen or the peace and quiet of the surrounding countryside.


Clinical Research Centre in Malmö
The Faculty of Medicine's Clinical Research Centre in Malmö

Malmö is Sweden's third largest city, and is a dynamic, multifaceted city of knowledge. In the very centre of the city is 'medical Malmö', an area characterised by healthcare facilities, medical research and education and life sciences enterprise, and the Faculty of Medicine's Clinical Research Centre.


Helsingborg north harbour
The north harbour in Helsingborg

Helsingborg is known for its modern harbour, long sandy beaches and great selection of restaurants, bars and cafés. The university has a campus in Helsingborg, and there is plenty of history and culture to explore.


The new harbour in Copenhagen
Nyhavn (literally 'new harbour') in Copenhagen

Less than an hour away from Lund by train is Copenhagen, Denmark's vibrant and beautiful capital city. See the little mermaid, visit museums, take a ride on the rollercoasters at Tivoli, and enjoy great food at the city's many world-class restaurants. In Copehnagen your are truly spoiled for choice.

Medicon Valley facts

  • 3.5 million inhabitants
  • 41,000 employees in life sciences private sector
  • 32 hospitals (11 university hospitals) and 6 science parks
  • 12 universities and university colleges

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