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Faculty Management

erik renstroem

Professor Erik Renström, Dean, Chair of Faculty Board
Special responsibility for strategy, management and cooperation
Phone: +46-46-222 80 84, +46-40-39 11 57
E-mail: Erik.Renstrom@med.lu.se

kristina aakesson

Professor Kristina Åkesson, Pro-Dean, Vice Chair of Faculty Board
Special responsibility for cooperation between university and healthcare, including matters concerning ALF funding.
Phone: +46-40-33 23 70
E-mail: Kristina.Akesson@med.lu.se

maria bjoerkqvist

Professor Maria Björkqvist, Vice-Dean
Responsible for first- and second-cycle education.
Phone: +46-72 700 71 63
E-mail: Maria.Bjorkqvist@med.lu.se

heiko herwald

Professor Heiko Herwald, Vice-Dean
Responsible for third-cycle education
Phone: +46-46-222 41 82
E-mail: Heiko.Herwald@med.lu.se

martin l olsson

Professor Martin L. Olsson, Vice-Dean
Responsible for research infrastructure
Phone: +46-46- 222 32 07
E-mail: Martin_L.Olsson@med.lu.se

jimmie kristensson

Senior lecturer Jimmie Kristensson, Vice-Dean
Responsible for employeeship and ethics
Phone: +46-46-222 19 74
E-mail: Jimmie.Kristensson@med.lu.se

Mattias Brattström
Head of the Faculty Office
Phone: +46-46-222 72 15
E-mail: Mattias.Brattstrom@med.lu.se

Johanna Sandahl
Head of Communications
Phone: +46-46-222 31 78
E-mail: Johanna.Sandahl@med.lu.se

Åsa Söderberg
Head of Finance
Phone: +46-46-222 17 08
E-mail: Asa.Soderberg@med.lu.se

Ann Ivarsson
Dean's Secretary
Phone: +46-46-222 80 71
E-mail: Ann.Ivarsson@med.lu.se

Representatives for students from first- and second-cycle education and third-cycle education.

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