Dept of Experimental Medical Science

June 2nd, 2006

Some words from the Head of the Department
Yesterday, I attended the information meeting about LUPIN (Lund University Purchase and INvoice management system). As you probably know, the whole of Lund University will introduce an electronic system for ordering and payment. This development feels inevitable and it has more been a question of "when?" than "if?". For example, our department pays somewhere around 9000 invoices (fakturor) per year, and a good electronic system should help make the whole process more efficient and accurate. In my mind the present version of LUPIN, however, has several shortcomings. Without going into details, one of the problems is that it will place undue stress on research group leaders during the ordering of goods. This is completely unnecessary and not what we need. It is important that we make sure that LUPIN is adapted to our reality. Our department has agreed to be a test site for LUPIN, starting this autumn. Therefore we should give the Lund University Division of Finances immediate and detailed feedback concerning LUPIN. You are also very welcome to provide us with such input that Eva Särbring will compile and channel back to the Division of Finances. Unless they take our ideas into account, I think we will simply decline the role as test site. My fear is, however, that we then would have less chance of influencing the final product.
Even if LUPIN is adapted to our world, it will cause fundamental changes in our financial administration. We are very aware of this and realize that we will need to reform some routines at our departmental office (institutionskansli). We are also keen to take this opportunity to improve the services that we offer to the researchers. There has been a great deal of positive feedback from group leaders concerning our staff this year, and that pleases me very much. Nonetheless, there is always room for improvement in an organization. Since LUPIN will force us to make new adaptations we want to take the opportunity and seek an even more efficient and professional central department administrative organization. In this process we want both the administrative staff and researchers to exert a major influence. I want the changes to be driven by the needs of the organization and remain well in tune with the views and ambitions of our administrative staff. The new routines and restructuring will take several months, and you will be hearing more from us about it in the near future.

This week we have a new member of staff at the departmental office: Andrea Nord is replacing Marie Malmberg who moved to another department a few weeks ago. We wish Andrea very welcome and look forward to working closely with her. I am also extremely pleased to announce that we have two new research groups at our department. They are headed by David Bryder and Bengt Johansson-Lindbom and are both within the Division of Immunology. It is exciting to see two young researchers start groups and it provides an injection of optimism for the future at a time when many people are worried about the current financial situation at our other faculty.

Patrik Brundin
Head of the Department

Sydnytt News' Clip from our Department
Watch the Sydnytt News' Clip from Neuroscience about time spent on applications  Click" Sydnytt, senaste sändningarna, Sunday 28 May 17.55" . The clips remain only for a week.

Presentation of a New Research Group at our Department
David Bryder - Stem Cell Aging
I am a “lundabo” since long, with wife and 2 children. After a few years of university studies in economic history and philosophy, I decided to switch to studies in natural sciences some 10 years ago. I did my PhD in 2003 with SE Jacobsen at the Lund Stem Cell Center, where I took up an interest in hematopoietic stem cell biology. This was followed by a post-doc period with Irv Weissman at Stanford, where I started to investigate the consequences of age on blood cell formation, with a particular emphasis on age-related genetic changes that affect early differentiation processes. This continues to be my main research focus. I have a postgraduate student in my group and will hopefully have two more persons in the group within the next six months. We will be located at the Division of Immunology at BMC I13.

Presentation of a New Research Group at our Department -
Bengt Johansson Lindbom - Adaptive Immunity
From the 1st of February I hold a “forskarassistent” position at the Swedish Research Council and I am now really looking forward to start up a new research group at the department! We will be located at the Section of Immunology, BMC I-13. After undergraduate studies in chemistry here in Lund, and at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, I continued with graduate studies with Carl Borrebaeck at the Faculty of Technology. I got my PhD  in 2002 and then joined the Faculty of Medicine for a post-doc in William Agace’s lab. My research has been focused on cellular and molecular interactions regulating various aspects of adaptive immune responses. I will continue pursuing experimental work within this field with a particular focus on the mechanisms by which T lymphocytes support two entirely different aspects of immune responses: antibody production by B cells or tissue inflammation. When not at work, I live with my wife and two children in Torna Hällestad.

New Member at our Departmental Office
We welcome Andrea Nord, Financial Officer, who will replace Marie Malmberg and Joanna Frank. Andrea has ten years' experience from Lund University and was previously working at the Department of Psychology.  Andrea comes from Canada and has English as her mother tongue.

Anna-Greta Crafoord Stipend
Post Doc Kyra Gelderman from Medical Inflammation Research, Postgraduate Student Karolina Andersson, Macrophage Signalling and Post Doc Anja Kassner from Connective Tissue Biology all have received Anna-Greta Crafoord stipends for rhumatology research.

The Grace and Philip Sandblom Foundation supports guest researchers' visit here
Deniz Kirik and Germund Hesslow receive 40.000 SEK each from the Grace and Philip Sandblom Foundation to support the visits of Dr Leanza and Dr. Yeo. Dr Giampiero Leanza comes from the Neuroscience Department, University of Trieste and will work with Deniz on an Alzheimer's Disease project.
Germund's project is entitled Mechanisms of associative learning. Dr C.E. Yeo comes from University College London.

Grace Sandblom passed away a couple of days ago at the age of 99 in La Jolla, California.

Post Doc Stipend from Svenska Sällskapet för Medicinsk Forskning
Post Doc Ulrika Mårtensson has received a two year stipend from Svenska Sällskapet för Medicinsk Forskning of 1.250 000 SEK.

Information Seminar on the EU 7th Frame Work Programme - June 12
Welcome to a seminar on the EU 7th Frame Work Programme for research and development.
Gavin Thomson, EU-consultant from Helix Ltd, will present latest news about the programme and the new organization European Research Council - ERC. He will focus on ERC and its possibilities for young researchers.
Take the opportunity to book time for a meeting during this very day with Gavin Thomson or contact Forskningsservice  if you are interested.

Monday June 12 at 10.15-12.00
Lundmarksalen, Department of Astronomy, Sölvegatan 27
No registration necessary
Read more about the programme in Swedish here: or in English

Deadline for "dispensansökan" for Employments June 7
For extension or new employments as well as "arvode", all demands should be sent to Sofia or Helene on June 7 at the latest, to be dealt with before summer vacation. You cannot promise anybody an employment until the "dispensansökan" has been approved.

Reminder - Workshop on Delegation of Responsibility for "Working Environment" - June 13
Prior to the delegation of responsibility for the "working environment", all group leaders are called to attend a workshop on June 13th at 1- 3 pm in the GK lecture hall. Please tell as soon as possible whether you can participate or not.

Reminder - Vacation Planning
Please note that all reseachers who are employed as "forskare" or "biträdande forskare", as well as all the T/A staff, need to register their vacation by filling in the vacation form that can be found at and send it to Sofia Cederström or Helene Berggren. For those who are employed as professors, senior lecturers, "forskarassistenter" and PhD students, the vacation will be registered automatically in accordance to the LU collective agreement.

Legitimation för biomedicinsk analytiker, audionom, ortopedingenjör
och dietist
Påminnelse - för att ansöka om legitimation som biomedicinsk analytiker samt audionom, ortopedingenjör och dietist är sista datum den 31 mars 2007.
Läs mer på
De biomedicinska analytiker som inte söker och erhåller legitimation kommer att få tjänstetiteln ändrad till 1:e laboratorieassistent. De regionanställda som inte erhåller legitimation riskerar att bli av med jobbet, så ni som arbetar både vid universitetet och regionen bör särskilt överväga att söka legitimation. Kostnaden är 600 kr och får inte ersättas av institutionen utan måste betalas av den enskilda personen.