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News from ISMRM 2018

Prof. Freddy Ståhlberg was elected Senior Fellow to the ISMRM for his work in MR techniques for quantification of flow, diffusion and perfusion.

Freddy Ståhlberg accepting fellowship
Freddy Ståhlberg accepting fellowship

Infrastructure of the month

The Pre-clinical MRI platform at LBIC is the Infrastructure of the month! Read more about it here at the homepage for the Faculty of Medicine:

Infrastructure of the month

8th Swedish 7T Symposium, November 20th 2017 in Lund

The 8th Swedish 7T Symposium will be held this year in Lund on November 20th, 2017.

Registration is open until November 1st. Please click here to REGISTER and for further information.

Click on the link below for a preliminary program - WELCOME! 

Smartare bruk av bilddata ska bereda väg för säkrare läkemedel

Forskare vid Lunds universitet ska tillsammans med Medicon Village-baserade Truly Labs inom några år utveckla nya produkter som främjar framtagandet av säkra läkemedel. Innovativ användning av bilddata ska bidra till att minska riskerna för biverkningar på lungorna – ett stort problem i läkemedelsutveckling.

I samarbetet ingår:

  • Forskare vid institutionen för translationell medicin, Lunds universitet, Malmö
  • Lund University Bioimaging Center (LBIC), Lund universitet, Lund
  • Life science-företaget Truly Labs AB som utför kontraktsforskning vid Medicon Village i Lund

Läs mer här.

New publication

The first paper with data from LBIC:s national 7T facility is now published:

B. Lampinen, F. Szczepankiewicz, J. Mårtensson, D. Van Westen, P. C. Sundgren, M. Nilsson.
Neurite Density Imaging Versus Imaging of Microscopic Anisotropy in Diffusion MRI: A Model Comparison Using Spherical Tensor Encoding.
Neuroimage. 2016 Nov 27;147:517-531.

New equipment in our Histology lab

We are happy to inform you that we now have new equipment in our Histology lab!

  • We can help you with Embedding in paraffin and the following sectioning on our new Leica paraffin microtome.
  • We can offer you the same help with cryo sectioning on the new Leica cryostat.
  • We also have the possibility to help you with labeling and staining for light microscopy.

If you prefer, you are welcome to use the equipment yourself.

For information and pricelist, please contact

René in 't Zandt invited speaker at ISMRM in Singapore

At the educational course on Preclinical imaging René in 't Zandt will talk on Technical Aspects for Performing Small Animal MRS & MRSI on May 8.

See more on the ISMRM website:

Michael Gottschalk invited speaker at workshop in Tübingen, Germany

Michael will give a talk titled Short echo-time spectroscopy of glioma with detection of glutamine and glutamate at the Workshop on the impact of proton spectroscopy in neuroradiological MR examinations at the University Hopspital Tübingen on February 19.

The National 7T facility now open for researchers

For earlier news, see our news archive:

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