Lund University Bioimaging Center

Faculty of Medicine | Lund University


Preclinical MR

We offer state-of-the-art instrumentation and high expertise in a wide verity of MR applications for small animals, excised tissue and cell culture studies.

MR is a versatile method that can generate different kind of image contrasts depending on the way the measurement is carried out. Over the years many applications have emerged for the different disease areas.

MR Applications

Anatomical imaging, Cardiology, Neurology, Oncology, Stroke, Spectroscopy, etc.

MR Imaging Methods

Diffusion, Perfusion, fMRI, DCE MRI, Angiography, Spectroscopy, etc.

Facility overview

  • 9.4T horizontal MR system for in-vivo studies, which is located within the animal facility at BMC.
  • 11.7T vertical MR system for in-vitro and spectroscopy studies located at D11
  • Animal anesthesia equipment
  • Animal monitoring and gating system

We are the bridge between discoveries in the animal models and clinical implementation of diagnostics and/or therapeutics.

Site overview