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The Division of Molecular Medicine and Gene Therapy is located at the Biomedical Center (BMC), Lund University, Sweden. Established as a joint venture between the Medical Faculty at Lund University and the Hematology Clinic at Lund University Hospital, our mission is to translate basic science to clinical applications.

Our research focuses on hematopoiesis, the continuous and dynamic process of blood cell formation. The laboratory consists of eight closely collaborating research groups that all share a common interest in investigating the properties of blood stem cells to eventually understand and treat hematological disorders.

Five of our researchers belong to the Hemato-Linné Excellence Linnaeus Research Environment funded by The Swedish Research Council and Lund University. Several of the groups are engaged in StemTherapy, a Strategic Research Area for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine that is also supported by The Swedish Research Council.


Stem cells and regenerative medicine - hype or hope? 

On July 5, 2017, the Faculty of Medicine at Lund University organised a panel discussion about stem cells and regenerative medicine. Johan Flygare, Associate Professor at the Division of Molecular Medicine and Gene Therapy, joined the discussion.

Here is a recording of the seminar (in Swedish):

mathias hochgerner

Please welcome Mathias Hochgerner to the Division of Molecular Medicine and Gene Therapy. Mathias is a PhD student at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria, and will work on a collaborative project together with Sarah Warsi and Stefan Karlsson.

Mathias will be staying with us until the end of August. Welcome to our Division and to Lund, Mathias!

Carolina Guibentif and Nancy Speck
On May 11, Carolina Guibentif successfully defended her thesis entitled "Modelling Human Developmental Hematopoiesis - Towards in vitro Generation of Human Hematopoietic Stem Cells".

Faculty opponent was Professor Nancy A. Speck from the Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, USA. Main supervisor for Carolina's PhD studies was Associate Professor Niels-Bjarne Woods.

Very well done, Dr. Guibentif!

Photo credit: Shubhranshu Debnath
melissa ilsley

Please welcome our new colleague Melissa Ilsley to the Flygare lab. Melissa joins our Division from the Mater Research Institute, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, where she's studied the transcriptional control of erythropoiesis. During her postdoc project, Melissa will be screening for therapeutic targets of Diamond Blackfan anemia. 

Welcome to the Division of Molecular Medicine and Gene Therapy, Melissa.

Shubhranshu Debnath
Shubhranshu Debnath

Congratulations to Shubhranshu Debnath and all co-authors, whose work "Lentiviral vectors with cellular promoters correct the anemia and lethal bone marrow failure in a mouse model for Diamond-Blackfan anemia" has been accepted in Molecular Therapy.

In this study, the authors demonstrate the feasibility of lentiviral-based gene therapy in a mouse model of Diamond-Blackfan anemia (DBA), a rare inherited bone marrow failure disorder. Using lentiviral vectors with cellular promoters, Debnath et al. cured DBA in a mouse model of the disease and improved the safety profile following integration as characterised by a lower risk of insertional oncogenesis. These findings support the potential of clinical gene therapy as treatment option for DBA patients in the future. 

Congratulations to all authors!

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