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Neuronal Survival Unit

The research at Neuronal Survival Unit, Lund University, Sweden is focused on pathogenetic mechanisms and pharmacological treatment in cell and animal models of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. We also study cell replacement therapy with stem cells in attempts to repair brains in animal models of Parkinson’s diseases. The group’s mission is to understand neurodegenerative diseases and develop new therapies that are of benefit to patients and their caregivers.


A new Nesu paper entitled Alpha-synuclein transfers from neurons to oligodendrocytes has been published.

A new Nesu paper is out. The title of the paper is "The Future of Cell therapies and Brain Repair: Parkinson's disease leads the way" and is written by G Petit, T Olsson and P Brundin.

The 23rd Neuropharmacology Conference 2013 takes place in San Diego, US, November 7-8, 2013. Patrik Brundin is invited to give a talk, and Nolwen Rey and Nicole Reichenbach will present posters.
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