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MultiPark is a strategic research area funded by the Swedish Government. The aim of MultiPark is to radically improve life for people with Parkinson’s disease. In a multidisciplinary mobilization neuroscientists are cooperating with researchers from nanotechnology, chemistry, physics and computer science. A union between experimental and clinical science is at the core of the overarching MultiPark vision – improving the quality of life for people with Parkinson's.


BAGADILICO’s Oskar Hansson has just been awarded the Inga Sandeborg prize of 125 000 SEK. The prize is awarded for his internationally acclaimed clinical research on molecular disease mechanisms in Alzheimer’s disease.

Two years ago, a new type of stem cell was discovered in the brain that has the capacity to form new cells. The same research group at Lund University in Sweden has now revealed that these stem cells, which are located in the outer blood vessel wall, appear to be involved in the brain reaction following a stroke.

Age Well - Challenges for Individuals and Society is the theme for the upcoming Nordic Congress of Gerontology, and MultiPark partner CASE's involvement during the congress days are far-reaching. One of the main players, Nobel laureate Arvid Carlsson, is at the moment putting together his keynote adress.
- Dementia is a very big problem that we have before us as a society. We really must leave no stone unturned.

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