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About the MoReLife Research Initiative

Our scientific challenge for the future is to contribute to complete descriptions of cell signaling pathways that pinpoint targets for intervention. To reach this goal, we take a holistic approach to integrate the molecular and systems levels to encompass a hierarchy of complexity from molecules to intact tissue. We define four technology areas that are essential for solving the medical research problems:

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  •  Systems biology & "omics"
  •  Protein structure & recognition
  •  Molecular probes & drug design
  •  Bioimaging & in vivo models

Our aim is to contribute expertise and technology to the research programs and other users. 

MoReLife news

2nd Imaging for Life

During the autumn 2016 and spring 2017 the Pufendorf ASG Imaging for Life is running. There will be a number of open events including two december workshops: Imaging at ELETTRA the 2nd of December and 3D Image analysis the 12th of December. Both events are co-organized by Imaging of 3D structures, Imaging for Life and MoReLife. For more information contact


"Novel Imaging Modalities for Biomedical Research", seminar by Marian Cholewa at BMC D15, Belfrage lecture hall 9.30 Tuesday the 28th of June.


Co-organized by MAXIV, Imaging for Life and MoReLife

June 2016

Microscopy Community Lund University (MicLU) is launched!

MoReLife has together with others at Lund University worked for establishment of an infrastructure for coordination of microscopy at Lund University. Spring 2016 a formal decision was taken by LTH, Science and Medical faculties to form MicLU. For more information please got to


Protein Science Day ÖKS co-organized with ESS, MAXIV, "Imaging of 3D structures" and MAX4ESSFUN a subproject in ESS & MAX IV: Cross Border Science and Society.

For more information and registration please contact

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